Locksmithing: Two Day Workshop

$245.00 Per Person

This workshop was designed specifically for Facility Maintenance Personnel who would like to gain practical experience and knowledge about Locksmithing. Participants will learn how to remove cylinders from locks. This Locksmithing Workshop will teach maintenance personnel the techniques used in the re-pinning of tumbler locks. This procedure of re-pinning locks by your in house personnel can save your agency the high cost of having to bring in outside locksmith people. They will also learn why keys break off in locks and proper preventive maintenance for all types of locks. This is a hands-on workshop, so participants will have an opportunity to re-pin a lock A binder with handouts showing the re-pinning of lock procedures will be given out to each participant. Additionally, participants will learn why keys break off in locks, and how professionals lubricate locks. Workshop participants will perform all locksmithing activities under the direct supervision and instruction of the workshop leader.